Predicting Customer Expectations for the Restaurant Experience in 2017

A quarter of 2017 has already passed, for restaurant owners and GMs, this means finding out which trends will be sweeping across the industry. It’s true every restaurant has its own niche with its own marketing needs and its own customer base.  But there is one thing for certain–technology and the ever coveted “experience” are going […]

Padlock with data bits

3 Ways Big Corporations Protect Their Data That Small Businesses Should Copy

Cyber attacks that steal sensitive data are an ongoing concern for every organization. Almost half (43 pecent) target smaller businesses. What’s worse, over half (60 percent) of the smaller enterprises that get attacked go out of business in six months. Having sensitive financial, personal and operational data stolen can ruin a small business. Stolen records […]


7 Tips to Energize Your Team and Grow Your Business

To make your small business as productive as possible, you need a great team behind you. But it’s not always easy for small businesses to get the most out of their employees. Luckily, members of our small business community have plenty of experience in this area. Below are some tips for getting the most out […]